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Datali, founded by G Love, offers a number of commitments to get you started.

Ready to use Data and the power of compounding effect?

Move the goal post

You can start with a 6-month commitment of bi-weekly sessions at 90 mins each. This is a good place to start if you're not sure how you want to commit yet.

The best way to cause sustainable change is through consistent work over longer stretches of time. 12 months works well for building new habits and patterns into muscle memory.

A 24 month commitment is what I like to call the sweet spot. It's at this point that you begin to embody the changes you've worked on. Highly encourage keeping this in mind, without needing to commit just yet.

Sliding Scale

Exclusive Rates for Queer, Trans, and Non-binary folks. Priority is to BIPOC.

If money is a problem, in the way, or coaching feels inaccessible to you, talk to me anyway. I can afford to give you a 100% discount, if it's needed. 

I especially encourage BIPOC Youth (18-24), immigrants and/or refugees, to get in touch.